Easy lock midi spare parts

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Part Number Description Size
XL320 Stribs -
XL539 Side plate, black Left
XL538 Side plate, black Right
XL540 Center plate, black -
XL509 Locking cam, upper -
XL510 Locking cam, lower -
XL513 Bottom adaptor bar -
XL609 Spring -
XL542 Handle, black -
XL5421 Handle, black complete with arms -
XL533 Feeder bushing -
XL5391 Side plate, grey Left
XL5381 Side plate, grey Right
XL5401 Center plate, grey -
XL5431 Pin for handle, single -
XL5432 Pin for handle, double -
XL5433 Pin for handle, triple -
XL5434 Pin for handle, quadruple -
XL5435 Pin for handle, quintuple -
XL115-1 Seegering -