Easy lock maxi spare parts

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Part Number Description Size
XL115-1 Seegering
XL600 Side plate, black Right
XL6001 Side plate, black Left
XL6002 Center plate, black
XL6011 Handle aluminum complete, black
XL602 Bottom adaptor bar
XL603 Feeder eye
XL604 Cam. upper
XL605 Cam, lower
XL609 Spring
XL619 Red locking knob with springs
XL6003 Side plate, grey Left
XL6004 Side plate, grey Right
XL6005 Center plate, grey
XL612 Pin for handle, single
XL628 Pin for handle, double
XL630 Pin for handle, triple
XL639 Pin for handle, quadruple
XL636 Pin for handle, quintuple