CF- Series Compact Flush Hatches Spare Parts

Art. CF2S9-KIT-2626 - BSIG001

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Part Number Description Size
CF2S9-KIT-2626 Kit with Stayarm; CF22626
CF2S9-KIT-4444 Kit with Stayarm; CF24444
CF2S9-KIT-5151 Kit with Stayarm; CF25151
CF2S9-KIT-6363 Kit with Stayarm; CF26363
CF2S16-KIT-2626G Kit with Gas spring; CF22626
CF2S16-KIT-4444G Kit with Gas spring ; CF24444
CF2S16-KIT-5151G Kit with Gas spring; CF25151
CF2S16-KIT-6363G Kit with Gas spring; CF26363
CF2H11R-KIT Handle; CF2 series Right
CF2H11L-KIT Handle; CF2 series Left
BSIG001 Gasket; CF2/PF series