Order your Rigging Early

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Order Your Rigging Early

28 July 2021
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 we have noticed a shift in demand in all areas of our business from our supply chain through to customer demand.

Help us to help you – place your orders early.

People are using their boats more, and we have noticed a significant rise in demand from smaller keelboats and yachts.

This change has been happening over the past 15 months, and there are no signs of things easing up. So, our message to Service Agents, Dealers, Riggers and Customers please be aware and please plan your service.

Please place your orders early to help us to help you meet your launch date.

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Trusting Mother Nature to carry you safely across the seven seas is a lot easier with top of the line components on board.

Specialist maritime equipment
We design, manufacture and market specialist equipment for cruising, racing, and super yachts. Our goal is, and has always been, best-in-class products with the strength to handle anything a raging sea can throw at them, without compromising control or speed.

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