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This is BSI

BSI A/S is a World leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Rod, Wire, Fibre Rigging and Components to the Marine and Architectural markets. For more than Three decades BSI A/S has demonstrated continual commitment to growth, investment and dedication to World Wide Customer Support.

BSI A/S designs, engineers and manufactures superior rigging solutions featuring high-strength steel alloys and materials for all  types of yachts and superyachts around the world. New-build and refit for superyacht and custom projects for vessels up to 125m (410') and OEM boats up to 37m (121'). BSI A/S designs, engineers and manufactures all rigging components in-house. BSI A/S currently supplies 85% of the rod and wire rigging for European OEM's. For the rapidly increasing composite market, BSI A/S has entered into collaboration with leading suppliers of composites to provide the very latest materials and technology. BSI components are consistently lighter and more aerodynamic than the competition's, along with the unique and versatile manufacturing capability of BSI A/S enabling BSI A/S to offer a high level of flexibility, rapid response time, and dedicated customer service to our clients.

BSI A/S is committed to a long-term growth strategy and reinvestment program in automation technology. Research, Engineering & Design  with FEA (Finite Element Analysis),Manufacturing, Assembly and Electro polishing are all executed in-house. BSI A/S continues to make significant investments in advanced CNC equipment and tooling, including CAD-design capabilities utilizing AutoCAD, Inventor and Mechanical Desktop software, and ANSYS for finite element analysis work. Break-load testing facility in-house with 21 ton bench test capability and independent partnerships to test larger components. Hertz fatigue tests are undertaken by an independent authorized institute enabling certified test results