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This is BSI

BSI A/S is a World leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Rod, Wire, Fibre Rigging and Components to the Marine and Architectural markets. For more than Three decades BSI A/S has demonstrated continual commitment to growth, investment and dedication to World Wide Customer Support.

BSI A/S designs, engineers and manufactures superior rigging solutions featuring high-strength steel alloys and materials for all  types of yachts and superyachts around the world. New-build and refit for superyacht and custom projects for vessels up to 125m (410') and OEM boats up to 37m (121'). BSI A/S designs, engineers and manufactures all rigging components in-house. BSI A/S currently supplies 85% of the rod and wire rigging for European OEM's. For the rapidly increasing composite market, BSI A/S has entered into collaboration with leading suppliers of composites to provide the very latest materials and technology. BSI components are consistently lighter and more aerodynamic than the competition's, along with the unique and versatile manufacturing capability of BSI A/S enabling BSI A/S to offer a high level of flexibility, rapid response time, and dedicated customer service to our clients.

BSI A/S is committed to a long-term growth strategy and reinvestment program in automation technology. Research, Engineering & Design  with FEA (Finite Element Analysis),Manufacturing, Assembly and Electro polishing are all executed in-house. BSI A/S continues to make significant investments in advanced CNC equipment and tooling, including CAD-design capabilities utilizing AutoCAD, Inventor and Mechanical Desktop software, and ANSYS for finite element analysis work. Break-load testing facility in-house with 21 ton bench test capability and independent partnerships to test larger components. Hertz fatigue tests are undertaken by an independent authorized institute enabling certified test results.



Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Privacy Policy

BSI and Gori Propeller (hereafter the “Company” hereby establishes this “Privacy Policy” for the purpose of complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). 

Types of personal data to be collected

The Company will collect the following types of personal data concerning the Customers in connection with the cooperation:

a) Company name, and company address

b) Phone number

c) E-mail address

d) Bank account number

e) Relationships with the network of the Company

f) Interests in the products of the Company

g) Products related information

h) Cookies, when interacting on our website (see below)


Purposes of use of personal data

The Company will process the Customers’ personal data for the following purposes:

to design, calculate/recommend right type of product

to promote the Company products and services

to respond to inquiries, requests and questions from customers

to retain warranty claim information

to make payments in relation to purchase and warranty

to provide after warranty service and

If the Company is to process the Customers’ personal data for purposes other than the above, the Company will notify the Customers in advance.

By manifesting their intention to consent to this Privacy Policy, the Customers will be deemed to have consented to the processing of their personal data by the Company within the scope of the above purposes of use, and the Company will process the Customers’ personal data based on such Customers’ consent; provided, however, that Customers may withdraw such consent at any time, which such withdrawal shall not affect any legitimate processing performed pursuant to the consent prior to the withdrawal.

Retention Period

The Company will retain the Customers’ personal data to the extent the Company requires such data for achieving the purposes of use and will promptly delete the same when such data is no longer necessary.


The Company use cookies that are strictly necessary to enable the Customers to move around the site or to provide certain basic features. The Company use cookies to enhance the functionality of the website by storing the Customers’ preferences, for example. The Company also use cookies to help the Company to improve the performance of the Company's website to provide the Customers with a better user experience.

If the Customers do not want the Company to use cookies in their browser, the Customers can remove cookies from the Customers’ computer's hard drive or set their browser to block cookies or to send a warning notice before a cookie is stored on the Customers’ computer.

Third Party Transfer

The Company may provide the Customers’ personal data to third parties such as the subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company, dealers, retailers, cloud vendors and contractors of the Company, etc., to implement the purposes of use specified above. Such third parties which the Company may provide the Customer’s personal data include those located in countries outside the European Economic Area and the Customers are deemed to have consented to the following matters by consenting to this Privacy Policy:

(a) Certain countries outside the EEA may not be furnished with the same level of data protection laws as the EEA, thus part of the rights granted to the Customers within the EEA may not be available;

(b) the Customers’ personal data may be provided and processed for the purposes specified in 1.(3) above; and

(c) the Customers’ personal data may be provided to third parties located in a country outside the EEA. 

Disclosure, Correction, and other Procedures concerning the Personal Data

The Customers are entitled with the rights to access to, request for correction, request for deletion, request to limit the processing, object to the processing, and request for data portability. Such requests shall be attended to the Company. The Company may refuse the Customers’ request if the Company deems that there is no basis for such request or if the request is deemed excessive.

The Customers may file objections to the data protection authorities having jurisdiction over the location of the Customers’ domicile with regards to the processing of their personal data by the Company.

Data Management Measures

In order to protect the personal data from unauthorized access and loss etc., the Company has comprehensively evaluated and judged the risks of personal data infringement, and has implemented necessary and appropriate personal, organizational and technical safety management measures in accordance with such the risk of personal data infringement.


The Company’s contact point regarding this Privacy Policy is as shown below. Any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of personal data by the Company, or any requests concerning access, correction, deletion, limitation of processing or data portability of the personal data shall be attended to this contact point:


BSI & Gori Propeller

Fjordagervej 34

6100 Haderslev


Contact Person: Morten Madsen